A general all-around nice guy. That is, except for him being a raving lunatic who liked to kill people for no reason and take over countries to give more land to the "perfect race". See asshole
Nazi: Hiel Hitler!!!!
Any other person besides Nazi or KKK member: Die bitch!
(Shoots Nazi in head who dies)
by A dood August 03, 2005
The original emo kid.
Mein Kompf = what Hitler would write on Livejournal.
by Wail Halls December 09, 2006
1. A god
2. A demon

Take your pick. Hitler is viewed as either one or the other by everyone, with no middle (understandable why).
1. Neo-Nazis think Hitler was a god.
2. The new generation of Germans think Hitler was a demon (yes, the Germans from Germany).
by Black Kat November 13, 2006
Hitler is well-known business man who's famous for selling mugs, t-shirts and magnets on UrbanDictionary.com.
To buy hitler mugs, tshirts and magnets click on the orange link above.
by awesome dicktionary April 21, 2010
The original emo kid. Wrote Mein Kampf (my stuggle) and probably would have posted it on livejournal if he had one.
see: emo
dear livejournal,
today my girlfriend and i are gonna kill ourselves. it'll be totally rad. i also got this super cool haircut that covers my eyes and makes me look like a super cool emo kid.
by mystarsdied April 30, 2007
A person who needs a hug, someone who needs to watch more Barney & Friends.
But ended up killing lots of people for no reason.
Girl A: Awwww that kid looks so sad.
Girl B: Screw him, he's a fag
Hitler: Runs away
20 years later
Girl A: Why are we in this stupid place
Girl B: I don't know, it sure is cramped
Hitler: DIE!
Poisoness Gas is released
by Reaper25 May 12, 2008
Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933, and then became "Führer" of Germany from 1934 until he died. He was the party leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party a.k.a Nazi's. Most could argue he was a damn good leader up until the Holocaust. Then he and his Nazi Party probably got into heroin, and did some stupid shit. Evil, evil, shit. Some, however, deny the holocaust ever happened and claim it was one big conspiracy. We call these people assholes. Others attempt to carry out Hitlers Aryan legacy. We call these people rednecks.
Damn, that Hitler dude is a cunt.
by Tom Foolery 12 February 02, 2007

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