Adjective. Acronym for "Hi, I'm gay." Pronounced by saying each letter individually. Used to refer to something exceptionally effeminate when exhibited by an otherwise seemingly straight individual. When someone wears something or does something that seems to shout "Hi! I'm GAY!"
Dude, you must be looking to smoke some pole, because that shirt is H.I.G.
by wilburiffic July 11, 2006
Top Definition
A sexual position which favours the woman often resulting in a mind blowing orgasm. Similar to doggy style but with a 'reach around' towards the clitoris and the woman moving to spell the word 'HIG'
"James gave me a hig last night it was so amazing"
"You should get higged girl!"
by Broken Cloud November 05, 2008
A combination of sexually hitting and hugging a person that you have a love hate relationship with.
She totally higged Mike as he awkwardly stood there.
by Cherry Cherry Boom Boom x2 December 28, 2009
creepy hug, hug from a semi-stranger or not well known enough acquaintance.
"that tweaker guy that's always hanging out here keeps giving higs to me" "yeah well he does that to most girls that've talked to him for more than 5 minutes"; "that hig was really uncomfortable"
by ravunn March 19, 2005
A title given to someone that demonstrates homosexual tendencies and yet never openly states there orientation to be homosexual. This is not however for derogatory use. Those who are normally known as Higs are aware of it and comfortable with it.
John is acting particularly gay today, we must now address him as Higs.
by Higs! May 14, 2010
hig is anouther word for cigarittes
Person 1: Bum me a deace hig
Person 2: Alright man
by Headism August 06, 2008
A redneck BBQ.
A get-together of country hicks.
Last night was the best hig them McCoys put on yet!

We're going to a hig tonight. Be back later.
by *Man who makes words* July 19, 2009
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