A friend who sleeps excessively.
Person 1 - Hey, have you seen Joe anywhere?

Person 2 - He's probably in bed. He's such a hibermate.
#hibernate #mate #friends #sleep #bed
by themoorethebetter January 26, 2013
Top Definition
When you spend the majority of winter in bed with your lover.
Once the temperature dropped to 31 degrees, Ian and Kristen started to hibermate.
#hibernate #mate #bed #sleep #winter #cold #lover #nap #blanket #mattress
by icwish November 08, 2009
A relationship that last for only a couple of months. Usually during the winter months.
Hiber- comes from Hibernation.
Ideally you meet a hibermate on New Years Eve so that you skip the end of year gift giving holiday season. If you work it right, you can send a message break up message on Valentines Day with a practical, rather than romantic gift. You can then be free and clear by Saint Patrick’s Day!
I found the perfect hibermate. After I get through these cold winter months, the hibermate is getting kicked out the door.
#relationship #cut buddy #friend with benefits #fuck buddy #hibernation
by Ballzer December 02, 2008
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