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The time period one waits for a response to a flirtatious text.
Dave was in text purgatory after sending Kiri "drinks later?"
by icwish January 25, 2010
When you fly somewhere for a girl and get rejected.
Jake flew down to Miami to make love to Samantha and found out she just liked him as a friend. He clearly suffered from JetBlue Balls that weekend.
by icwish December 26, 2009
Michael Jackson's version of Bob Marley's "One Love"
Andrew: "MJ brought the whole world together."

Ian: "Yeah man, One Glove!'
by icwish June 26, 2009
When you have to hide your boner, you're Incocknito.
I had to go Incocknito at the pool party yesterday.
by icwish May 27, 2009
The fat threshold you reach and never surpass.
"Hey Mark, I can eat whatever I want now, I've reached my fateau."
by icwish May 31, 2009
When you do something accidentally with your ass.
Lauren assidentally dialed me all night long.
by icwish April 27, 2010
Really hot underage girls that will undoubtedly ripen into gorgeous young women.
Brian had to stop himself from hitting on a bunch of green bananas at his younger brother’s middle school graduation.
by icwish August 09, 2011

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