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When you spend the majority of winter in bed with your lover.
Once the temperature dropped to 31 degrees, Ian and Kristen started to hibermate.
by icwish November 08, 2009
A relationship that last for only a couple of months. Usually during the winter months.
Hiber- comes from Hibernation.
Ideally you meet a hibermate on New Years Eve so that you skip the end of year gift giving holiday season. If you work it right, you can send a message break up message on Valentines Day with a practical, rather than romantic gift. You can then be free and clear by Saint Patrick’s Day!
I found the perfect hibermate. After I get through these cold winter months, the hibermate is getting kicked out the door.
by Ballzer December 02, 2008
A friend who sleeps excessively.
Person 1 - Hey, have you seen Joe anywhere?

Person 2 - He's probably in bed. He's such a hibermate.
by themoorethebetter January 26, 2013