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To rub a naked butt on another person. Best case is on exposed skin like an arm or bald head.
He dropped his pants, snuck up behind his room-mate who was sleeping on the couch and butt waxed his bald head.
by Ballzer February 16, 2006
A relationship that last for only a couple of months. Usually during the winter months.
Hiber- comes from Hibernation.
Ideally you meet a hibermate on New Years Eve so that you skip the end of year gift giving holiday season. If you work it right, you can send a message break up message on Valentines Day with a practical, rather than romantic gift. You can then be free and clear by Saint Patrick’s Day!
I found the perfect hibermate. After I get through these cold winter months, the hibermate is getting kicked out the door.
by Ballzer December 02, 2008
Mixed drinks that are made of brown liquor and clear mixer or with clear liquor and brown mixer
Guy: Hey bartender give me one of those interracial drinks.
Bartender: A what?
Guy: A Jack Daniels and Tonic
Bartender: Really?
Guy: Or a Vodka and Coca Cola
by Ballzer April 03, 2009
The pick up vehicle for a strip club.
My car is broke, so I had the titty truck pick me up and give me a ride to Flap Jacks.
by Ballzer October 23, 2008

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