n. U. S. military slang for a German person, particularly males.
Used primarily by American servicemen stationed in Germany.

From Hermann, common masculine name.
Sgt. Washington was heading for Vienna but ended up getting hammered in Munich with a couple of Herms.
by jim bitchen February 21, 2006
The "wild card" of the English language. It has no real meaning or value and could mean anything.
1. DUDE! What the herm!?
2. Holy herm...that's huge!
3. I herm you. ^_^ *Kiss*
4. Bye bye herm.
5. Alright, you got the herm, now GET THE HERM OUT!
6. Billy, can you come here for a herm and help me with this?
by Eric January 21, 2005
the act of "hermiting" or partacing in any uninhermic activities.
that guy who constantly eats all that grass and crabs, you know that guy? well he is Herming.
by Dylan ADam Dolphin January 17, 2005
An ugly dude with a hot girlfriend who seems way out of his league to the casual observer.
"Man, that kid is such a herm."
"Look at that herm over there."
by gmplague January 17, 2005
one who dosent come out the house.hermit crab.
Sleepy is a fuckin herm.
by AdamPousson April 21, 2003
a little kid that looks like flapjack. usually wears tight pants, has long curly hair and wears a beanie. A kid that runs around screaming an breakin sh*t
mason: " herm quit throwing rocks at the cars!"

john: " im just being a herm"

mason: " HERM!
by HERMY DOO May 09, 2010
One who is of both sexes.
"Why do I have to sit by herm?"
by Hunk&Pippie December 05, 2008

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