Herm, one who never leaves there house, Also known as a Hermit. Can be use as a noun (Ex 1), or verb (Ex. 2)
Ex 1. Beanz: Where is that Herm at
Ex 2. Ryan: At his house Herming what do you think?
Beanz: that makes sense...
by BeanzMatt January 15, 2011
androgynous queer
Radio pulled out some herm choreography onstage last night that would've made JD proud.
by grace jones January 23, 2009
A Herm is a truly outrageous penis measurement of 9 inches. Named after the person who is white (and claimer of a 9 inch penis), he has been laughed at for this absurd claim. The unit "Herm" is abbreviated "HK". 1 HK = 9 inches or 7039 HK = 1 mile....a 9 inch penis...come on Herm...
"Dude my arm is about 3 Herms long!!"

"I just ran 7039 Herms!..im pooped!!"

Herm, no way does your penis measure up to be one Herm!
by La Cavern de la Hermo October 05, 2010
A hermaphrodite Has both male and female reproductive organs. It can also be an insult. (A HERM IS DIFFERENT THAN A HE-SHE/SHEMALE!)
Example: "Look at Troy over there. He's a freakin herm"
by Mitchrev21 June 16, 2009
Word used to insult someone, also can mean shit
You're a freakin' herm
by Stephen Flynn May 04, 2008
Comments generally made by oversized ladies
Come on, shut up, arh right. Pass the cream doughnuts "Herm"
by The Wankpiece March 17, 2006
An ugly dude with a hot girlfriend who seems way out of his league to the casual observer.
"Man, that kid is such a herm."
"Look at that herm over there."
by gmplague January 17, 2005
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