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When one gains a rock based germ in their foot, usually by walking around Tweed Heads with no shoes on. 'Herms' generally aren't a negative thing and are seen as good luck in many Ethnic communities.
I gained a 'herm' today while I was walking to get Apple Chews from Coles.
by Skeleton_b October 08, 2006
A person with a small penis who is worshiped temporarily upon arriving in town, then ridiculed after a few days.
Whatever, Hermie will get old after a few days. Plus, he has a small penis.
by HermDefiner2 June 12, 2011
pot mixed with enbaulming fluid
yo matt pass that herm dude

yo man let's 2 man party that herm dude
by thomas drummer July 10, 2008
someone who drinks to much; the act of drinking too much; the description therein
Herm, I got so hermed last night.
by herm July 16, 2003
a hermaphrodite.
Herm did 34 cases today.
by Barry Lincoln March 16, 2003
An extreme nerd or dork
"Those techies are a bunch of herms"
by ryan August 05, 2002