A word to describe a complete loser really

Hannah: Chloe You Herm!! Gimme that chocolate!!
Chloe: Err.. No tho I'm eating it
Hannah: Gis a Ciggie then
Chloe: Fuck off
Hannah: Herm.
by Hannnaaahhhh May 08, 2007
hermed - to get fucked up, physically.
oh shit, he hit him with a baseball bat to the grill. homie got hermed up
by webster March 09, 2003
a hermaphrodite who makes babies by themselves
JK is such a herm, he's his son's own mom and dad
by Bertha Sparxxz September 07, 2006
Hermitage High School
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
We you say something about a transgender person.
Them high heels sure look good on herm.
by CVille Sparkler July 29, 2015

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