Top Definition
To be gay or have gay attributes.
It can also mean stupid or dumb.
The word can be used as an adjective or as a noun.
Invented by Rob Sanderson while playing a game of pool in early 2005. Since then the word has grown in popularity.
It is not as harmful a word as "fag" and tends to be used as more of an alternative to the word "gay".
Example 1: Man, that tie is so hepoflonky. Seriously pink does
not go well with a black suit.

Example 2: Gary is such a hepoflonky he turns straight guys

Example 3: The Matrix Reloaded is so hepoflonky compared to
the original Matrix.

Example 4: Chad failed his math test for the 4th time, what
a hepoflonky.
by Rob Sanderson May 07, 2006
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