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When a Jew is too cheap to buy normal headphones, they resort to using vintage or old fashioned cans.

Sometimes the pair can be found at home, usually with a stereo receiver that has an 8 track, turn table and am/fm stereo mode on it. The wiring for the phones also has 1/4" plug for said receiver.

Heebphones can also be be a relative's old pair.

Often times they're given as gifts.

If not found within the house, they are found in a thrift store because no real store sells big stereo head sets anymore, and a Jew can perhaps get a better deal on them (talk the cashier down) at thrift stores. At the rare chance the phones are bought in an electonic store, they were extremely cheap.

Note: these are not to be confused with the new "Noise Cancelling Headphones". This type of headphones WERE the original set!
Example 1: At Chanaka, Shmuey was so excited at seeing a big box given to him by his parents, he mistook the headphones for something else. Upon opening the box, Shmuey let his disapointment known.

Shmuey: "It is! It is! Oh, Heebphones"

Example 2: Person A - "Listen, David, I don't care if those Nova 10s you found in your basement are the bees knees. Stop being a Jew and using your Heebphones. Go out and buy an updated set."
by Stalker Patches September 23, 2010
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