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the headphones created by Apple, they are the biggest pain in the ass because they will tangle up even if you are not using your ipod.
Don't ever turn your back on your ipod headphones because they will tie themselves into a friggin' knot, or bundle up like a ball of yarn in Grandma's house.
#ipod #headphones #bitchrap #pokemon #tough pussy #hour tower
by #1stunna' December 06, 2007
When a man accidentally ejaculates into another person's ears, then by some chance that person lets it dries up will closely resemble the white apple ipod headphones.
me: babe im so sorry i couldnt hold it in, hear let me get u a q-tip.
some ho: its cool hun i heard if you let it dry up it will look like ipod headphones
me: oh okay. lemme take a picture of it and then post it on urbandictionary
#cum #jizz #ejaculate #ipod #apple #headphones #dry #white
by LVNUTZ July 11, 2010
Similar to a pearl necklace where a man comes on a womans neck but this time its down the side of her head. Thus giving the impression of iPod headphones.
"Thanks for the pearl necklace Dave"

"No, problem babe. You can have some iPod headphones if you are quick on the reload and I dont get the flop"
#ipod #ipod headphones #pearl necklace #come #ejaculate
by Pete845 January 10, 2008
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