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Acid rock/metal band from 1970s. Their sounds often feature 12-string guitars, synths, and the "audio generator" which creates swooping, warbling noises in the background. Most of their music was created while they were on acid, but it is still classy.

Their greatest songs include, "Silver Machine", "Seven By Seven", "Orgone Accumulator", "Magnu", "Sonic Attack", and "Levitation".

You don't need acid to trip when listening to Hawkwind.
by KHD November 09, 2003
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marijuana--Named for the seminal psychedelic British rock band Hawkwind who have released records that are so fucked up that you don't actually require pot to get high!
"Dude, got any 'wind?" (using the abbreviation "'wind" is always appropriate when hanging out with rockers, and the phrase "hawking some wind" is also an acceptable, uh, thing)
by Dutchman March 22, 2003
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Genre transending acid rock band from North London. Formed late in 1969 by Dave Brock under the title Band X, they are still one of the most influential underground rock acts in the world. Past members inclde Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, Robert 'Starfighter' Calvert and Ginger 'I used to be in Cream' Baker.
Listern to the following
Space Ritual (1972)
PXR5 (1979)
Chronical Of The Black Sword (1985)
Love In Space (1999)
by Black Flag February 04, 2004
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to consume marijuana, through whatever means.
" i hope i get to hawkwind later."
by kinpa January 26, 2007
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Marijuana. Derived for no real reason from the name of the band Lemmy was in before Mötörhead.
"Let us smoke some of that killer Hawkwind, brother."
by Burp Tomorrow June 20, 2003
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Hawkwind is where ur standing in a group of people and someone farts and it blows ur way and people acuse you of being the one who farted.
Person 1: *toot*
Person 2: *sniff air and gags*
Person 3: Yo man is dat chu?
person 2: Naw man dats pure hawkwind ryte ther.
by wOrDLiFe October 08, 2004
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