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"Putrid liquefied pungent green baby faeces."
French slang.
Usually occurs when a person has had a bad diet of wine and pomme-frites.
If i go out drinking tonight i'll end up having such a sore and stinging calvert

Je ne veux pas avoir un mauvais calvert - I do not want a bad shit
by Mr. Corbeire December 23, 2009
v. to make up outlandish tales of personal exploits for self gratification. To purport to hold some career or position that one does not have to impress other people.

n. a person who lies, deceives or embellishes to make themselver look tougher, more experienced or smarter than they are.
"That guy claiming he was a Navy SEAL is such a Calvert. He's never even been in the Navy."


"Don't try and pull a Calvert on me, we all know you don't own a Porsche"
by Audiostar February 14, 2006
when a male, who hasn't had sex in a long period and resorts to the prostitutes
man, im just going to have to do a calvert
by bossman12346 November 29, 2010
A name for a male. Possibly comes from latin "Calvus" meaning bald... Maybe. Not all Calverts are bald though. It's just a nickname. Like Cicero means "chickpea" cause someone had a really huge nosewart, so they called him chickpea, and the name just kind of got passed down. Having the name Calvert really demonstrates nothing at all about ones personality. Calverts can be both scum of the earth, or pretty cool guys. Also, its not always a black person name. White people can be named Calvert too
Person 1: Hey, whats that kids name?
Person 2: Calvert.
Person 1: Oh, I wonder if that name comes from the latin root "Calvus?" He seems like he has a full head of hair though, so it must be a nickname passed down from a bald ancestor. Other than that, I can infer nothing about his personality, economic status, or any other personality traits.
Person 3: Calvert is a name which spans all races!
by bkscrandom May 20, 2012

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