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marijuana--Named for the seminal psychedelic British rock band Hawkwind who have released records that are so fucked up that you don't actually require pot to get high!
"Dude, got any 'wind?" (using the abbreviation "'wind" is always appropriate when hanging out with rockers, and the phrase "hawking some wind" is also an acceptable, uh, thing)
by Dutchman March 22, 2003
The act of ejaculating on a partners face.
She gave him head and he gave her a chin omlette
by Dutchman March 07, 2003
A jewish person.
usually an insult when speakin english.
person1.that dude picked up a penny!person2.What a Yahoud!
by dutchman March 05, 2004
Something worthy of positive acknowledgement is said to exist.
Synonyms: rule, kick ass
"This steak burrito totally exists."
"Man, the new Donnas album does NOT exist."
by Dutchman March 22, 2003
One who brags to his friends about the number of women he has had anal sex with.
The chicks at that bar found out he was a stumpjumper and would never go home with him.
by Dutchman March 07, 2003
1) rude, unfriendly, inhospitable, unwelcoming, xenophobic;
2) generally crappy, miserable;
3) excessively bureaucratic, full of red tape
1) Hey what's you're problem? Stop being so dutch.
2) Don't bother seeing that movie, it was totally dutch.
3) The DMV loves being dutch.
by Dutchman June 19, 2006

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