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The state or action of being crippled, maimed, hospitalised or generally fucked up. Usually closely followed by the word "BAM!".
John: "Ahhh shit I just fell into an icy crevasse."
Boarder: "You've just been Hawkinged. BAM!"
#crippled #owned #0wn3d #pwned #snafu #hawking
by DarthTeabag September 12, 2006
As in Stephen Hawking. A reference to his head lean and non responsive demeanor, which is closely imitated by the consumption of too much marijuana.
He smoked so much last night he was hawkinged out on the couch, head bobbing, not sayin a word!
#stoned #high #blitzed #blazed #lifted
by Jimmyjay09 December 17, 2010
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