A mohawk.
"That guy from Rancid had one of the coolest 'hawks I'd ever seen."
by Haushinka November 24, 2003
A scary predator that pms's EVERYWHERE at every day of the month. will snoop down and snatch down to grab your soul out from underneath your nose. pretty viscious, circles her prey before she attacks. it makes you want to board up your windows and doors. In conclusion, beware of the hawk.
THe hawks has landed, hide your children.
by sabby676 July 20, 2006
To aggressivly peddle goods.
MC Pee Pants hawked diet pills.
by Alex March 14, 2006
To chuck or toss onto something.
I'm going to hawk the springs on ebay.
by Grut May 16, 2006
To gather up saliva and snot in your mouth and expel it out forcefully so that it remains a cohesive unit until it strikes something.
I can tell Poindexter has a nasty cold by the volume and color of that loogy he just hawked on his little brother.
by datylover February 19, 2005
the crazy psycho that likes to blow things up with explosives, and pich Uruk-hai and orc's asses.
by meep? October 08, 2003
a controlling boyfriend, who is cocky and gets jealous easily
"my boyfriend is such a hawk😒"
by badbishxo December 26, 2014

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