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To set expectation so low, that one can achieve them and impress by doing regular things.
They george bushed our expectations with Sara Palin's debate.


They set George Bush expectations for Sara Palin before the debate.
by jjthekid January 08, 2010
A combination of three punches in quick succession.
One quick three-piece and the fight was done
by jjthekid March 06, 2008
to be hit in rapid succession by two punches
Did you see the fight when Kobe got two-pieced?
by jjthekid March 06, 2008
To get a rifle or large gun.
He is about go to the trunk.
by jjthekid May 08, 2008
To get knocked out by one punch; to be champed
The fighter got one-timed and the fight was over"
by jjthekid March 06, 2008
To hit in the face one time so hard the person is knocked out.
"Ortiz got champed in that UFC fight"
by jjthekid March 06, 2008
A woman' junk; vaginal; pussy
" Look at that' dick goal I'm totally shooting at that tonight."
by jjthekid June 23, 2014

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