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To shoot your man juice up on ur bitch.
Bob skeeted all over Sally's face.
by Alan March 10, 2004
Commonly used by some ignorant people as a catch-all term for all Asian Americans and Asian imigrants.
Person # 1: Dude, look at that Chinese girl over there, hot isn't she?

Person # 2: Hey, man, her names Mary, her parents are Korean, and I've known her since middle school!
by Alan May 08, 2004
usually involves a toilet and a good magazine
nothing like a good read on the throne
by alan December 26, 2003
the most beautiful woman one this earth
just look at her or wach one of her movies
by Alan November 10, 2004
Da cops,5-0, tha motherfuckin police.
Got damn pigs pulled us over for speeding.
by Alan March 10, 2004
1930's term for a person who smoked weed. So called for the hissing noise produced by the joint when smoked.
the viper dreamed about a reefer 10 feet long
by Alan June 04, 2004
the international food of stoners
dude hahaha im so hungry haha and so baked lets get some cereal
by alan March 18, 2004
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