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Meaning to take something lightly, especially with advice. To be skeptical.
Take a novice's advice with a grain of salt.

Anything free should be taken with a grain of salt (there's no such thing as a free lunch)
by philihp September 24, 2004
An array of strings containing command line arguments. Usually seen next to argc, which is the number of command line arguments. The V in ArgV stands for vector. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The first element of this array , argv0, is usually the name of the executable (although it does not have to be!!). argv0 is usually used in printing the "about" information. For example, "cp -?" might return "cp - used to copy files". if for some reason the "cp" program were renamed to "copy", the command "copy -?" might return "copy - used to copy files" without having to modify the program.
int main(int argc,char argv) {
if(argc > 0)
by philihp March 19, 2005
Megaleet. approximatly 1,048,576 * l33t
0mg that's m3g4l33t
by philihp June 21, 2003
A state where another party maintains possession of something, but does not have full ownership of it, and must gaurontee that it can be sold back to the original owner for a fixed amount.

Usually when you offer something (jewelry, property, etc) up for collateral, it is in "hawk". Possessor can be a bank, a pawn shop, an impound lot, etc; but is usually limited to legal matters.

You can get the item "out of hawk" by paying the money back, or filling the contract out.
"You can hawk any property in monopoly for half what you paid for it"

"I need 50$ to get boardwalk out of hawk"

"I hawked my wedding ring to the pawn shop for 200$"
by philihp September 07, 2004

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