To do something stupid, mainly as a result of not thinking it through beforehand.
"Don't Carbone closing the big account. If we lose their business we might go under."

"We're lost, you don't have a map, we're out of gas and you forget the beer. You really Carboned this road trip."
by FrenchieHammer February 05, 2009
An impressively large amount of work.
A waste of time.
A nuisance or annoyance
An inevitable event that you don't want to partake in.
"I have a carbone of a day today"
"all that paperwork was a carbone"
by youkilledkennyyoubastard September 22, 2009
Italian last name. Popular in the tri state area.
Did you see that italian guy? no....o i thought it was carbone
by mark yalz January 10, 2008

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