A guy who is always cool with the ladies. Close to girls called Ella and a very loving person. All the ladies want him.
'Hey dude, check out that guy, a total Harrison.
by americano1986 May 23, 2010
To Harrison someone is to give them something with very little left in it with the intent that they will finish it and then have to dispose of the wrapper/packet/container.

An example of this would be if you had a packet of crisps and asked your friend if he wanted them as you had had enough. Your friend accepts not realising there are only 3 or so left in the bottom, he has now been Harrisoned. Once he has finished them he must dispose of the packet in an appropriate manner.

"I just got Harrisoned didn't I?"

"It's really easy to Harrison Rob, he's so greedy."

"Luke is really good at Harrisoning people, isn't he?"
by freedaslaves September 04, 2007
The most amazing boy you'll ever meet, kind to everyone, hottest looking guy you've ever seen, best style ever, makes your heart sink every time you look at him, always makes you happy no matter what state your in, gives you butterflies every time you see him, can always put a smile on your face.
have you ever met harrison? well you should because he's the most amazing person you'll ever meet.
by Jiords <3 February 28, 2013
a very manly boy that can masturbate while doing a backflip.
izzy: wow did you see that? he just BACKFLIPPED while masturbating!

ben: uhm, yes! that guys a TOTAL harrison
by luvyouh March 19, 2010
Man Whore. Flirts with every girl he sees and leads them on and ends up breaking there heart. Jerks off to girls on the phone. Very cold hearted but attractive. Has a very large penis. Has niceeeee abs(: Just get with him mkayyyyy! Peace nigga
by edmund richard May 04, 2009
A curly-haired blue-eyed teenage boy with a big nose and really long eyelashes. He is amazing at drawing and very charismatic. He has many friends, but only a few really know him. Those who do know that he has a sensitive side and is secretly a romantic at heart. An amazing lover. Family-oriented.
Girl: Damn Harrison has long eyelashes. I wanna steal them off his face.

Harrison: I have a secret sensitive side that I will conceal by drawing penises on every surface I encounter.
Boy: Harrison, you're so fucking funny!

Girl 1: I literally came while Harrison was deflowering me.
Girl 2: That sounds like Harrison!
by KittySpat August 06, 2013
the wild harrison is the most majestic of all fletchers. in his natural habitat he can be seen jamming out to some tame impala or various classy old records in his room. the ferocious harrison has long been associated with "the sky" and "diamonds". perhaps you could even say he was the "sun" of a god.
you: golly gee, that Harrison. he is a real nice fellow.
morgan freeman: i wish i was more like him.
by hairysunfan69 October 11, 2013
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