Everybody who has this name has 2 extremely large penises and they are so sexy and they destroy 1,000,000,000 beautiful cunts every day. If you know somebody mamed Harrison, and you are a girl who is hot, you should probably have sex with him.
Harrison is like so hot and I want him to fuck me so hard in my vagina.
by Jozzy hocksirles April 09, 2015
A hot, intelligent guy with gorgeous hair. His smile will melt your heart. Perfect match for a girl named Lily.
Lily- Awww look that's my Haribo. Isn't harrison cute, Hannah?
Hannah- OMG you sooo like him.
by gurlinlove April 25, 2013
When your friend does something and won't shut up about it for the next couple years.
That guy got eighth in the league he is a Harrison.
by Harrison law August 18, 2014
Not remembering a thing from the previous night and being told that you got carried out over the shoulder of one of the establishments bouncers.
Person A: "Man, you were pretty drunk last night!"

Person B:"Really, It just so happens I don't seem to remember a thing?"

Person A:"Yeah, you totally did a Harrison!"
by rbai91 April 03, 2011
A Harrison is the act of receiving fellatio while sitting on a sofa drinking a beer and smoking an optional joint.
Q: "Are you coming out with the lads tonight?"
A: "I don't think so, mate. I'm just gonna stay in and get myself a Harrison."

"I had myself a quality Harrison last night!"

"So the missus dropped to her knees and pulled out my plonker, but I was like "Oi, cunt! Get me a beer first and meet me at the sofa so I can get myself a proper Harrison, like I deserve."

"Man, I had a great night last night."
"Really? What happened?"
"I was sitting on the sofa drinking a beer and my ho just comes along, whips out the one-eyed trouser snake, and starts chomping away!"
"Oh, you got yourself a Harrison!"
"Did I?"

"Buddy, if you engage in competition X, where you will have at least a 99% chance of winning, I will give you $5,000."
"What the fuck do I want $5,000 for? I just want to sit on the sofa, drink a beer, and get a blowie."
"I think you have problem. You are addicted to getting Harrison's."
"I know! I know! I know! I need help."

"The wife had to be taken into hospital."
"Oh dear. Why?"
"I knocked out all her teeth and broke her jaw."
"Fuck me."
"I know. Well, she has been giving me 3 Harrison's a day for 2 years, so I guess it's not surprising."
by Will McKenzie April 28, 2013
Verb. To harrison

The act of using baby-cute charm to make a female's underwear come off, only to become disgusted with that female and to never speak to her again.
Stop harrisoning my girlfriend!
by big tee hee March 13, 2010


Originates from "there's no comparison, to Johnny's Harrison" a play on the TC Harrison car dealership advert - "There's no comparison, to TC Harrison" - Johnny being the the (Harrison) dealer.

Often pronounced in 'street' style with a silent 'h' e.g. 'Arrison

See also 'George'
Ah man, I'm really stoned! I've had way too much Harrison.


Weed makes you feel good but well forgetful at the same time: Harrison gives and he takes away!
by Jim C August 09, 2005

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