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To Harrison someone is to give them something with very little left in it with the intent that they will finish it and then have to dispose of the wrapper/packet/container.

An example of this would be if you had a packet of crisps and asked your friend if he wanted them as you had had enough. Your friend accepts not realising there are only 3 or so left in the bottom, he has now been Harrisoned. Once he has finished them he must dispose of the packet in an appropriate manner.

"I just got Harrisoned didn't I?"

"It's really easy to Harrison Rob, he's so greedy."

"Luke is really good at Harrisoning people, isn't he?"
by freedaslaves September 04, 2007
An offensive term hurled at someone who's name is spelt in a non-standard way. However, the exception is if the person is from a region where the spelling of their name is the most common.
Huw - Hugh spelt the welsh way

OY! Sara you Doehaze
by freedaslaves August 24, 2007
An excessively large and indefinable number. Usually used to describe a large quantity of things.
I think Luke needs to be taken home, he's had a dickmillion shots of sambuca and is chundering all over the place.

Ali won at Monoply last night, he had all the properties and a dickmillion pounds. We didn't stand a chance.

Have you seen Karin's spare room? There is no room, she keeps a dickmillion shoes in there that she never wears!
by freedaslaves September 09, 2013
Serii is the plural for series.
Hey Mike! How many serii of Stagate are there?

Luke, did you know i've seen all the Serii of Gantz!
by freedaslaves September 04, 2007

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