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A wonderful, talented and brilliant gem. Her keen sense of what's going on in the world, will keep you interested. Although her social skills aren't always the best, you can count on her being loyal always. She has a deep understanding of people and her surroundings. Emerald's are often multi talented, extremely intelligent and beautiful to say the least.
You are such an Emerald. Wow! What an Emerald!
by BoadBarbieGirl February 09, 2010
208 46
a girl; very bi polar. a great friend. quite sometimes. very loud with her friends. exbaressed easily by her friends. amazing singer. very emotional. often called stupid. loved very much by her bestfriend.
damn yo, my girl was all emerald last night.
by Dr. Breezy November 16, 2007
202 121
A awesome funny girl! She wants happiness and world peace, a great friend who is always there.
DAMN! You are so lucky to have Emerald as a friend.
by least graceful human being February 04, 2012
65 17
A girl with little self confidence. She may have been through a bad time emotionally. Not trusting, she finds it hard to let go of the past. She will fight for what she believes in, and there are some people she wold do anything for. Artistic and creative, she sometimes has trouble putting things into words, or rather, the RIGHT words. She never really fitted into the "box". Has the grace of an epileptic giraffe and struggles walking without injuring herself or others. Can't seem to suceed.
"Stop looking at your ex like you're an emerald."
"FAIL. Ha, you just did an emerald."
by EcstasyAddict March 17, 2009
98 121
1)An awesome little town where it is quite acceptable to crack open a warm VB the morning after a hard night drinking and wear flannies and footy shorts.

2)The green place with lots of trees and the steam train.

3) A town containing 3 pizza shops including Hilbilly Pizza. 3 fish and chip shops including the fish and chippery and alot of drug dealers.
Billy- Dude nice flanno!! where'd you get it??

Bobby- IGA in Emerald for 6 bucks!!

Billy- oh man it even smells like weed and VB!
by catwoman18 August 31, 2008
32 96
Someone who is upset with their sexuality and of smart kids.
Dude, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning? Stop being so emerald.
by it_was_a_friday_night January 24, 2008
29 145