verb, to steal or borrow with intent not to return to rightful owner
james harkined the chair from down stairs! that hairy asshole harkins everything from everyone!
by sigkevin February 26, 2008
Top Definition
Arch Nemesis, Guildleader of Raging Nemesis.
Also known as Master Ugabunga.


"priests go shadowform warriors bandage up omfg rogues get wings and fly!"

"Where the hell is Harkin? The raid is starting soon."
"Watching Anime."
"Maybe he just forgot? "

15 minutes later

{Harkin} has come online.
by Azraeleanore July 16, 2006
To Harkin oneself is to lose all your poker chips by a foolish schoolboy error. Usually attributed to a Junior player.
Oh no I have just done a Harkin
by rat_roaster April 03, 2009
A slutty alcoholic. The act of getting drunk and doing stupid things such as hooking up with ugly randoms. A person who loves to get WILD. Harkins is often used with the word HUGE in front of it. The opposite of being modest and reserved.
Did you see the guy she brought home last night? She's a HUGE Harkins.
by HUGEHarkins December 10, 2009
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