fucking-retarded, assholes who flip around like the worthless monkeys they are at heavy-music shows. Everytime i see them, they hit people on the offsides and then almost get their asses kicked and they get pissed off at THAT PERSON for almost kicking their ass....its like: "dude, are you a fucking moron? you just kicked that guy!..THAT is why he is about to kill you!" I dont know who started this, but they deserve to die...i think it was the gay-ass emo/screamo/fakepunkish/s ka/indie and whatever else you call that bullshit excuse for distorted guitar and drumming. These kids are not true at all, they're fake and they all hate MTV but they are JUST AS BAD. they are to be shot at once. And if you think im an old-washed up shit: im only 18. thank you. PANTERA
Hardcore Dancing? What ever happened to good old fashion moshpits? oh yeah, the young dumb-fuck generation is here...i forgot. i'm ashamed to be young today.
by brentwwwwwp December 16, 2006
an interpretive dance performed by self-righteous douche bags at "hardcore" shows.
xASSHOLEx: "yeah, check out this two-step! i looove hardcore dancing! so brutal!"

on lookers: "that is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever seen in my life."
by wayuphighkitty April 29, 2009
"Hardcore dancing" is easily defined as a way for those girl pants-wearing, emo haircut sporting, brainless trend following yuppie kids to act tough. Hardcore dancing often looks as if the people performing the dance are going to mosh, but they actually dont, and when one does get hit by another, they often retreat out of the little circle-jerk they call the "pit" and go cry to their emo girlfriends. Hardcore dancing should only be attempted by the extremely homosexual.
"Dude, i was totally kicking that invisible ninja's ass, until some idiot completely like clipped me with his plaid converse. Kicking other people in the pit is so totally not hardcore dancing"
by Anti-Gaycore October 08, 2005
To make a long story short, it's an alternative to being homosexual, I.E: being homosexual, dancing, and listening to homosexual music.
I'm a flaming homosexual, let's go hardcore dancing.
by Hitsua August 31, 2005
Pathetic Emo Scene Kid Watered Down Mosh pit consisting of trying to look tough and aggressive while you're in your own personal space bubble. God forbid anyone should collide. Everyone would have to stop and cry it off. Then again... Most of these fags probably cry while they do it.
I was at a venue to see a local thrash band and every other band in the line up was some grind hard metal core bullshit.

During those shit bands all the emo fags were doing their hardcore dancing and giving us dirty looks cause we weren't as cool and hard core as them.

Then the thrash band came on and we started a vicious circle pit. All these little scene fags ran away.
by Stogerjohnson February 06, 2009
When a bunch of scenesters organize themselves into a group, all running around flailing their arms as if they were having an epileptic seizure while simultaneously acting like a ninja (IE: kickboxing the air).
I hate hardcore dancing.
by nion October 08, 2004
1. A great way to get the living shit kicked out of you at a metal show.

2. Moshing for people who can't handle a real pit
That kid hardcore dancing is really just hitting kids in the face. Let's go kick the shit out of him.
by Lionlivein January 13, 2010

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