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Hardcore Dancing is a form of dance seen and performed at hardcore/screamo/hard rock shows in the mosh pit.
many people believe that it is just simply swinging you're arms through the air and doing spinkicks just to piss people that don't dance off.
To most dancers it is a semi-choreographed group of motions to display you're gratitude towards the band that is performing.
Hardcore Dancing is Generally seen in a younger group of people, but ranges to different age groups, some being 28+.
the "moves" include but are not limited to:

-two step commonly a cross over of the feet, motioning your hands to the ground. two steps a.k.a. "the step" is done in a variety of ways, depending on the style of dancing in the location.

-spinkicks Usually at the beginning or end of a dancing routine, is a rotation followed by a karate-style kick by the back foot.

1.spinning arms in a clock-like motion while spinning body through the mosh pit.
2. jumping side to side and swinging arms on the side you land on in a clock-like motion.

-jumping spinkicks Sometimes a windmill is used to gain momentum and jump to do a spinkick in mid-air.

-swings. there are alot of different kind of swings, some involving clawing in front of you, and some involving spinning your arms in a sort of grab-puch-repeat motion.

-picking up change often a move performed by grabbing or punching at the ground, otherwise displayed by swinging elbows back while stomping the ground with feet.

While Some Dancing is quite harmless, Others do get into what they do, which can be violent and painful.
People that enjoy moshing or circle pits usually act violently towards Hardcore Dancers.
Sometimes In Order to "open up the pit" dancers will swing rapidly, push, or slam their bodies diagnally into crowds, this is usually done in a circle like fashion, and will stay open as long as their are dancers in it.

This Form of Dance is Known As HXC DANCING, SLAMDANCING, or throwdown

hardcore Dancing is often done in groups of many members called HXC crews or just "crews".
some are violent and incorporate lifestyles such as straightedge into their grouping.
others are just in the crews so that they have protection from moshers that may not understand/like what they are doing.
One that is Dancing will often apoligize to someone that is hit while in the pit, and if one falls, others help him up.

"lets open this pit up, get some Hardcore Dancing going"
"i heard that the moshers are watching this one pretty good, though"
by xscreamxaxserenadex May 07, 2007

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