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A nickname for an individual who has a love of hamburgers and is a term of endearment.
Oh, hammi of course you are going to order the double steak burger plain and Steak 'n Shake
by carol Milligan April 12, 2015
Feelin ready to get wild and free.
on our way to the club feelin hammi.
by SunniSideUp July 06, 2015
A girl who is disgusting in personality and appearance. Socially unaccepted, loner who pretends to be something other what she is to fit in with the crowd shes trying to impress.
Person 1: Ew, shes disgusting. Whats her name?
Person 2: Who cares, shes a Hammi.
by notmolliethatsforsure August 22, 2008

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