Is one who can be thought of as quite a sexy beast.
Also one who can be thought of as a fucking dickhead.

But still, gotta love Hamish's.
Hamish: Hey, check out my sexaaay abs.
Other: Oooooww! I like! You're a sexy beast!
Hamish: *Smashes you with his rock hard abs so you fall to the ground in pain.*
Other: You are a fucking dickhead.
by YumBear February 16, 2013
Top Definition
The word "Hamish" derives from the word, "Large-penis-Guy" The word "Hamish" is commonly used in sentences involving penises, such as the word "johnson" reffering to a large penis, but instead of "johnson" you could say "hamish"
wow, you have a large Hamish!
Holly Fuck, your Hamish is Fucking massive !!!
by I'm just a man on a mission October 06, 2009
To be radically cool,
often uses words such as epic, uber, rofl, and lol.
but not on msn.
he finds people who use abbreviations and stuff to be gayy =)

he is also gangstarr.
no one disses his grills, yo ;)
wow, look at Hamish. he's uber cool
by Hamcats January 04, 2009
one big ass mother fucker
haha dude its hamish...look at that fucking giant
by DFMB January 29, 2009
Courageous, handsome, charming, an all-rounder. Play it right ladies and you could get the ride of your life.
Ooooohhhh Hamish
by Bad Boy Barry October 25, 2011
A name, Scottish in origin, derived from "Seumas," a Scottish form of "James." It's also the middle name of John Watson and a potential name if Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler were to get together.
Hamish. John Hamish Watson, If you were looking for baby names.
by IreneAdlerandSherlock January 26, 2012
A person that gets relly angry
A)Oh F**k this i'm going to punch your f**king head in.
B)Man your chucking a Hamish!

by Emily & Emily October 27, 2007
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