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a word used to describe a teenager who has caught chlamidya after unprotected sex
Ohh no..... I've got hamish!!
by DJ Emo-shun May 16, 2008
An absolute FOP. Better off known as the guy with the excessive facial hair, or the guy who manages to scare the hell out of entire crowds with his extremely loud and random outbursts of laughter. He can be recognised out of large gatherings by his large brow ridge, which epitomises the theory of evolution. He also posesses the ability to make almost anyone laugh and is rarely seen alone, or without his precious side-kicks fetus button or sid.
i really love that hamish guy because his girlfriend has massive calf muscles.
by monstherr March 08, 2010
I am a massive cunt with a massive nose. I love fanny farting and hairy vaginas. i break up with my girlfriends because i am insecure with girls touching the mole on my balls.
Laundimer Head of House Hamish
by Chembo May 20, 2010
The term 'Hamish' reffers to a weird little boy who knows too much about computers and electronical goods and has few friends and is generally socially inept.
Hamish Kerr, Boys you find wandering around Harvey Norman, EB Games or hiding in their bedrooms hunched over their one and only love, their computers.
by aaaaaalex. x November 08, 2007
1) Someone with an incredibly large passion for gamins, similar to "Ethan" from cad-comics

2) A potential psychopath whom would kill without emotion

3) A synonym for God

4) An outright asshole
Hamish: I can't fucking wait for Fable 2 to come out! ...And The Outsider..And Halo Wars... And Guild Wars 2... And the New Halo 3 maps... etc.

Hamish: I can take the life of a fly, what's the difference between you and a fly? Die now!

*during Halo* Oh man! How'd you kill me?
Hamish: I'm God

Can you turn your music down?
Hamish: Can you get fucked?
by Volkade January 03, 2008
An angry man rat thing that enjoys little children and animals. his car is allergic to eggs and is constantly bombarded by them, he then gets his father to attack the thrower of the egg as his revenge. he enjoys playing Call Of Duty games but is so bad at them that he goes into his trademarked rage mode where, similar to the hulk, he rips of his shirt in order to look cool and runs around town naked assaulting people.
"That pedo is SUCH a Hamish!"
by this is not Adam December 12, 2007
a small yung boy hoo lacks getting in.
his favourite word is em and his mum likes it fuzzy.
He enjoys Frenquent juggs over facial-freaks.com
he likes it in the eye
a: hello id like a hamish
b: open up
by fuzzylikesitfrompauline May 08, 2008