A word which represents the actions of an arrogant yet talented aggressive inline rollerblader who took pride in outdoing the abilities of much lesser skilled individuals. This occurred at skate parks around New Zealand, in particular Jelly Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.
haha.. you got hamished by that fella!
i'm gonna hamish that shit!
haha... what a hamish!
by FrootbootaNZ June 05, 2009
a cool guy, name originates from scotland, and means james in gallic, generally a cool guy with cool hair and nice choice of cloathes. showing off on guitar and french are this guys only flaws, long live the HAMISH!!!!
aw man look at hamish he's showing off again, i wish i was that good, he's like a guitar god


dude look there's that hamish guy he is so cool even if he has emo hair

i mean he i s a cool 9emo] guitar god
by trivium666 August 26, 2008
A homosapien of distinct qualities and attributes. This individual carries himself with an air of nonchalance and mystery, almost as if he were born of another time. He also has the ability to croon any song so well that entire audiences have been known to faint at the mere sound of his ethereal voice. Another characteristic of this person is his ability to eat almost anyone out of house and home. It's as if his insides had no limit. They simply stretch to comply with his ravenous appetite.
You ate the whole wheel of cheese? Don't be a Hamish.

Hamish: (crooning) I love it when you call me big papa.
by Ilana.Panzz99 December 18, 2013
Hamish (ˈɑːmɪʃ, ˈæ-)
- verb

To summarise opposing positions existent within a debate, at length, during working hours, without adding new perspectives, and without drawing the debate nearer to a resolution.
e.g. He just totally hamished our decision about which resaurant to go to tonight - i still have no f**king clue where we're meeting

e.g. I'm going to hamish this argument just in case any of you have been in a coma for the last 2 years
by William J Cairo February 21, 2011
Fat and arrogant, yet knowledgeable in useless ways. Lazy. Unable to understand others feelings or enjoy anything besides fighting. Generally unagreeable and nasty. Lonely and obsessive.
Quit picking fights about shit you don't even care about Hamish!
by hackermaster765447 December 19, 2013
The appropriate plural diction for the singular word "Homie". The definition is derived from a science fictional world described in the Foundation Series of books written by Isaac Asimov. A group of native farmers live on a planet called Trantor and do nothing but farm and enjoy each others company through a vast amount of empty time due to the eternal daylight provided by their double-sun solar system. Their nation is known as Hame and they are the Hamish (pronounced "hammish"). Do to their infamous downtime, the vernacular "homie" who "chills" (or relaxes during a large amount of downtime on a regular basis) has thus been adopted into the plural "Hamish" group of individuals depending on his geographical location and social status.
"I was just chillin' with my hamish."
"I was just chillin' with the hamish."
"Don't fuck wit my/the hamish unless you tryna get bracked, fool."
"My/The hamish hooked it up!"
"Imma hit up my/the hamish cause im tryna chill. Maybe play some bp or whatever."
by Hamish Collective August 29, 2011
a word used to describe a teenager who has caught chlamidya after unprotected sex
Ohh no..... I've got hamish!!
by DJ Emo-shun May 16, 2008
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