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A Fag Hag that drinks alot.
Cindy is a hagfish.
by Hagfish August 23, 2003
Jawless sucking bottom feeder eats from inside ( japan fish )
Long beach hagfish ho 60 inch long skuttered on udd around wall she had ugly stick whauuup me.
I hang loose to redondo beach jump on waves. Mexicans don't eat hagfish....
by itichie_nocanpo July 05, 2006
1. A jawless, slimy, bottom-dwelling fish that preys on dead animals by burrowing inside of them and eating out their insides.

2. A jawless, slimy-looking cock that eats women from the inside out.
1. Whoa, dude, i was just watching the discovery channel episode on hagfish. Those things are fucking creepy, man!

2. Jonny just ate Mary out with his hagfish again.
by Birdmaster300 May 02, 2009