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1. A jawless, slimy, bottom-dwelling fish that preys on dead animals by burrowing inside of them and eating out their insides.

2. A jawless, slimy-looking cock that eats women from the inside out.
1. Whoa, dude, i was just watching the discovery channel episode on hagfish. Those things are fucking creepy, man!

2. Jonny just ate Mary out with his hagfish again.
by Birdmaster300 May 02, 2009
1. A generic term pertaining to several widespread, unrelated families of passerine birds- Old World Flycatchers, Paradise Flycatchers, and Tyrant Flycatchers being just a few examples.

2. A person who attracts public attention by loudly announcing that your fly is open.
Person: (Pointing to a bird) Hey! What's that over there?
Birdwatcher: Hmmm...it looks like some sort of flycatcher...

"My girlfriend told me to zip up my fly while we were at a fancy restaurant yesterday."

"Gee, what a flycatcher!"
by Birdmaster300 April 05, 2009

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