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1. Found in Northern parts of England. Is the fatty juice of meat, sometimes eaten on white bread.

2. Result of getting a girl stimulated.
1. "Here you go love, get yer laughing tackle round that. Bread and dripping."

2. "Here you go love, get yer laughing tackle round that. I'm dripping."
by The Strut October 25, 2004
When a person is drunk and tripping simultaneously.
Earl: "Why, are you drinking? We just ate those mushrooms."

Francois: "I want to be dripping tonight!"
by Christophe Crazy October 13, 2010
When you are under the influence of extreme amounts of cough medicine and alcohol
Hooters is way better when you are dripping balls
by vinsanecach January 24, 2011
to reek/smell strongly of weed. or if you can tell someone is high...really high
ohh dude, frankie walked into that party dripping...HE SMOKED MAD BUD BEFORE
by Ali rex November 21, 2006
When someone is on the phone with their significant other and instead of having a meaningful conversation, they are talking for the sake of talking.
"Look at Kellen dripping. All he ever does is talk on the phone"
by Jenn October 22, 2004
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