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Abbreviation of "Sound Effects"
The game has some realy grea sfx aswhell!
by dipso January 07, 2004
Container for organizing and storing files.

See: file.
I have all the files in a folder in my desk.

I copied all the files to a new folder.
by dipso January 07, 2004
When water splashes up from the bowl and makes your behind wet, during the act of "taking a shit"
Damn i need some more paper, my ass is wet because of all the water splashback
by dipso January 07, 2004
HS short for Headshot,

When a shot fiered in a computer game hits the head, resulting in instant death in many games.
"Hehe i got you with a HS"
by dipso January 07, 2004
Chipset manufacturer.

I.E. VIA has made several chipsets for AMD Processors.
My motherboard has a VIA chipset.
by dipso January 07, 2004
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