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In BDSM terminology, refers to sensual or erotic play involving bodily fluids, typically urine, saliva, and less commonly, blood. Considered 'edge-play', because it is obviously somewhat unhygenic.
Most of the Mistresses that he found online were willing to do watersports, but not scat.
by Aileen April 21, 2003
Sexual activity in which urine is involved. The presence of urine is generally considered erotic for those indulging in the urine related activities.
What I wouldn't give for some hot chick to take a piss on me right now. I am a total 'water sports' freak.
by Champ April 08, 2002
Watersports lovers enjoy not just the flesh of their partners but also the secretions that flow from it. This fetish may also include a fascination with the one function (peeing) that their partner has been doing since birth.Generally speaking, for men the sensation of liquid passing through their urethra is exactly the same when they ejaculate as when they urinate. Even though men know the difference of whether they're cumming or urinating, the sensation is the same. Therefore, for watersports lovers, one action reminds them of the other. Likewise for females, their urethra opens and urine flows out of and among the sensitive lips of their body.
having sex and peeing
by christian December 29, 2004
When subject A urinates in the face of subject B. Not only does it cause a watery, glissening face, but also may spark memories of nostalgia of one of the subjects' childhood memories of swimming in the pool, playing games with dear old decrepid Granny.
"As Henry played a rousing game of watersport with Almeda, Almeda noticed Henry wincing as the sparkling, diluted drink poured out of his hose onto her face. Days later, her eyes burned and a trip to the doctor's office was in order for dear Almeda
by Johannes Svitai January 19, 2004
A sexual paraphilia or fetish. Person gets aroused when sees someone wetting his/her pants or just becoming wet (for example under the shower or in the pool).
wetting, jeans fetish, underwear fetish
by Denis April 13, 2005
Typically sports done on lakes rivers or the ocean. (i.e. jet-skiing, water polo, boating, ect...)
Water Skiing is a watersport
by ben c. October 20, 2003
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