the girl lays down off the bed and the man is on the edge of the bed. the man then, while having a large boner, backflips n tries to get his boner into his partners mouth.
tiger woods "I just got a hole in one!" sports announcer "man you really are a sex addict
by yesyesindeedindeed December 11, 2010
This is when a man takes a girl from behind in a doggy style position. He tells the girl when he is almost done so she can have time to look back and open her mouth. Then the man proceeds to pull out and attempt to aim his semen over her back and into her open mouth. That is the true definition of a hole in one.
It took seven tries with Laura, but I just got my first hole in one!
by Bfbawin January 19, 2010
A line of ketamine large and potent enough to send the user into a k-hole state without any further lines.
An enormous line of ketamine was glimmering from the DVD case, waiting to be snorted.
"I'm not touching that," said Kevin. "That's a hole in one!"
by Strachman January 02, 2010
While playing golf, one does so bad on a hole that he gets so frustrated that he decides to take a crap in the hole, then place the flag back as if nothing ever happened....Leaves a surprise for future players.
If they'res no one looking, i'm going to get a hole in one!
by Chauncizzle May 19, 2009
when you trow a small projectile object (gum wrapper, bits of food, ect.) into a girls cleavage when she is wearing a low-cut shirt
"Dude, i bet i can get a hole in one in Shannon over there"
by kfr44 January 25, 2009
Long distance attemtp at sexual intercourse.

Launching yourself as high as possible while your female partner in laying on the bed in a spread eagle and hope for the best...
1:I went for the Hole In One last night dawg..... and missed.
2:Damn that sucks
by Danny Hopkins April 04, 2008
While a male is in persuit of masturbating, and eventually cums, and the shot hits in directly into his belly button hole.

this is a hole in one
dude i was jackin it the other day, and i got a hole in one! i had to wash for about an hour man!
by nukkahk May 15, 2008
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