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A male that is wanted by every women who has ever seen him. Gets boned very often and has a VERY large penis. He's extremely good looking and one of the funniest kids in the USA. He has the most gorgeos eyes in the world and has been told on more than one occasion that he should try out for playgirl when he reaches the age of 18. Total playa and pimp. Completely loaded with cash and gives money to all if they ask and are his friend.
That kid is a complete Raymond.
by Joe Feidon January 09, 2008
A really awesome boyfriend that can make you smile everyday. He may be really depressed at times, but having been comforted by the one he loves makes him all jumpy and happy again!
I love you, Raymond. You're the best!
by SHYx3 October 26, 2008
raymond- is the most loving guy on earth, just seeing his smile makes me smile. he's the most loving, kind, caring, amazing boyfriend you'll ever meet. he makes you happy when you're sad. he makes you love him more and more each day you're with him. he'll bring the sun to your shine and the apple to you tree and the love to your heart. no other guy could could replace him in my heart. he's all a girl could ever need in her life! just knowing he's always gonna be yours forever, makes you believe in the love yall share.
i love that raymond!
by cilla babyy January 13, 2010
Huge, an adjective to describe something that is huge.
That piece of cake is so Raymond.
by RaymondFlorezzz April 16, 2007
The most randomest guy ever. One who could keep you smiling through the whole day, no matter how bad your day was. Very smart, and uses words that some people don't understand. So lazy, and would use people as seats instead of finding themselves a spot. Skilled in dancing. Cares for anyone he loves. A guy who could say the sweetest things. He's a guy thats still his mom's baby boy no matter how old he is. Loves pokemon, and yu-gi-oh. Addicted to resturant city. Eats roasted dog. And a guy that you can't help but fall for.
I want me some of that Raymond!
by Wowthisgirl January 18, 2010
A boy or man who is somewhat mysterious. Sometimes unpredictable, because whatever he says or does, it's usually common, but tends to be different every now and then. However, his good nature brings him the gift of many friends that he always has fun with, whether it's games, or sometimes, just for fun, he may annoy them. Raymond is usually trustworthy, and has high morals. However, sometimes he may annoy people overboard, but not often enough or harsh enough for a person to seek revenge. A good friend, and many people usually love him

-Just remember that some definitions may not link to whoever you may be thinking about. The naming of a child is important to possible decide their personality, but it is a parent's or guardian's job to make sure they are shaped into the child that is satisfactory-
-I admit, I do not understand how some people use someone's name as a word that doesn't resemble a name. Everyone is different, which is why this example may not make sense-

person-He is rather a kind boy
person 2-Reminds me of that show, 'Everyone loves Raymond'
person- Hey! What is your name please?
person 3-Raymond

-Note that an encounter like this is rather rare-
by Cherrily Caked July 20, 2011
1. A person you don't want to be far with you because of getting addicted with his smiles, gestures, sweet talks and smell. It's like being attracted so much whenever you're with him.

2.Still a baby boy that still love to watch anime and cartoons like naruto and upin and ipin.

3.He will always make you smile whenever you are sad and will comfort you when he did something wrong, but you must show to him first that you are not okay.

And the last is, the one I want to be with for the rest of my life. <3
I love you so much Raymond :)
by Jhea Lazaro :) November 20, 2011
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