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when an attractive girl is so hot, that if one were to grasp one's penis firmly, one could only hold their load for a single pump.

part of a rating system, one pump being the most dime babe you'll ever find,

not to be confused with no pump or two pump
Guy 1 - 'daaayumm! check that babe out! hands down, she's a one pump'
Guy 2 - 'truuuu! she's dimee'

Guy 1 - yooo, check her outt
Guy 2 - she's defs a one pump..
Guy 1 - get on that, bro
Guy 2 - chea right, it's hard enough for me to get with a two pump !
by millarke February 28, 2011
beginng and finishing the act of coitus with one pump
she got my one pump last night
by Cheese2968 August 10, 2008

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