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To add an ingredient, often unnecessarily and usually alcohol, to a food or drink.
Person 1: Looks like you need to gussie up that drink.

Person 2: more gin.
by Roderick Toombs July 30, 2008
to only kiss the tip of a boys penis
"and then I got scared so I only gussied him"

"Did you hear that Hunter got gussied last night?"
by gussielover1234 May 15, 2016
A woman with an almost unfeasibly large bottom.
"Look at the size of that butt! You could put a helicopter launching pad on it! What a Gussie that girl is!"
by Fester March 03, 2004
Gussie, n, a person with a flat chest, and likes to cuddle with ugly people
wow dude, that girl is such a gussie, and look who she is with, euhhhhhh.
by sonofa January 22, 2005
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