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gussying yourself up is looking in the mirror to see if you look okay. it can also mean checking yourself out in the mirror.
"Oh stop gussying yourself up"
by dafydd.BBZ October 16, 2007
When a woman is so fat you have trouble telling her gut from her pussy.
I got drunk this weekend and tore that gussy up.
by BrianDamage April 13, 2015
The vagina of a woman of a larger stature who has copious amounts of fat around her abdominal region that completely engulfs her genitals.
squids fear martha's big gussy.

occasionally Jim's gussy will fall on his grill (welst) cooking patties for his offspring and mate.
by Squido McGirk January 03, 2011
the art or action of primping ones self in order to appeal to the animalistic sexual senses of the opposite sex. commonly preformed by individuals lacking self confidence in the aspect of being naturally gorgeous and or awesome enough to get jank'd up without makeup/perfume/booty jeans/cleavage shirts.
i like that you dont feel the need to get all gussy'd up just to run out to teh store. waste of time.
by 8888899999 October 30, 2009
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