gash hunt.

when one is on a massive night out looking for some women for sandwich - blozzer combos. the "hunt" is shortened to Gunt.
RGS lads. on the gunt.
by Ed F October 20, 2010
when a woman has a roll of fat that hangs so low it blends in with the top of her vagoo.
women in marks & spencers food bit in paddington station with a gunt
by bumberclut August 13, 2010
The phenomenon of a plump woman's stomach and vaginal area becoming one grotesque protruding mound.
Where does her vagina begin/end - it's all gunt.
by heymrleej March 22, 2010
A "Gunt" is large amounts of fat that are near the lower stomach. It is also used for a fat persons "Cunt". It's when their is so much fat that it conjoins with the fat around the vaginal area. Creating a rather large vaginal lining.
Woah! Look at that chicks Gunt! Her Cunt must be real bubbly!
by RyAnH1 October 29, 2009
The large, protruding blob of flesh that joins a woman's stomach and vagina so that they become one.
I wouldn't say she's fat, but she does have a big gunt.
by mark e. d'sade August 23, 2009
a gunt is the layer of stomach fat that covers your Vagina or penis
a gut that covers your cunt
- " i had to lift up 10 rolls of fat to find her cunt SHE HAS A GUNT"
by gdawglol July 14, 2009
the flab that hangs from a womans belly below her vagina!
wow she has a big gunt!
by tha illeset mama June 09, 2009

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