The fat on a women between her gut, and her cunt...
Look at that fat chick over there, she's got a big ol gunt.
by Johnny Norcal February 11, 2007
This takes a very large female type to a new definition, a gunt would definately be when you have to lift the gut to get to the cunt i.e. a fuckin gunt!!! got gunt.
Hey Theresa, if ya want to get the oral satisfaction, and refuse to lose that birth gut, then help me lift this gunt up or sit the fuck down so gravity can assist me a bit!
by shawn Peterson November 11, 2006
A lady with excess body weight in her stomach area, which in turn drags her stomach so it hangs over her vagina.
Look at the gunt
Fuck you gunt
by ginny jinny September 09, 2006
neither her gut nor her c*nt
i squirted my ooze all over her gunt...
by durtbox dave September 22, 2004
When a women is overweight the flaps of her belly or thighs may overlap thus causing a well lubricated region that can be used as an alternate for love making.
Jerry had so much trouble finding this fat women's vigina that he just fucked her in the gunt.
by thebobert October 31, 2003
A compound word meaning a girl who has a gut that extends down to her crotch, making her pussy and surrounding area look abnormally large.
Ohhhh man... I would need at least a foot long cock to penetrate that bitches GUNT.
by Slutwhore September 28, 2003
(gut + cunt): Refers to the flabby area spanning from a fat chick's belly button to her butt hole, incorporating the FUPA, vagina and taint. It usually involves limited or no visibility of the actual vagina lips due to the impeding fat folds.
I was like Moses at the Red Sea. I needed both hands to part that gunt.
by Gunt-Hunter October 28, 2010

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