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An oft-misspelled girls' name. Jaynes are usually wildly intelligent and crafty. Likely to take over the world using robot ninja powers and cunning.
I am Jayne, ruler of the universe.
by cheese_curls November 28, 2009
Fiercely independent, adores exotic travel. Can be found admiring beautiful views, relaxing or enjoying a cup of tea.

Loves, loves, loves her friends

Jaynes have a penchant for vodka, music, warm seas and variety; they are usually hyper intelligent, secrectly wild and naughty - always willing to take a walk on the wild side.

Often spotted on the arm of a hot rock star or watersport type.
"I am Jayne, hear me ROAR"
by bighobo February 04, 2010
A girl who enjoys music, humor, and all things intellectual. A bit of a wallflower, but once you get to know her, she is actually a very socially adept person. She is known to listen to others and be very thoughtful. People typically notice her for her beautiful eyes.
"Do you see that girl?"
"Which girl?"
"The one with the eyes."
"Oh, you mean Jayne. Yeah, she's sweet."
by O.W.E.A.P. January 01, 2012
A name that a lot of people often miss spell. An intelligent girl who is usually quiet to a person walking by but to her friends a very talkative bubbly person. A blue sky ninja who will rule the world one day. Jayne's are usually twins.
She's a Jayne.
by charlar123 February 15, 2012
Ok so listen to me. Jayne is the most perfect girl you will ever fucking meet. If you meet a Jayne, thank the almighty Jesus Christ. Jayne is fucking gorgeous, has a great personality, and lives life to the fullest. Jayne is the perfect girl.
Dude 1: Bro I just got a girlfriend!

Dude 2: Awesome! Who is she?

Dude 1: Jayne!

Dude 2: You lucky bastard!
by 👽 March 15, 2015
Jayne is often a girl who makes a lot of mistakes. Normally wonders why she can't be happy without that one person.

Very open-minded and loves new things. She is a flexible girl who loves to show off. Has a passion for bums. A stupid girl who falls in love far too easy.

She has her evil ways of making you fall in love with you. She will release one day what she lost.

Jayne loves her kisses at night.
Jayne she broke my heart

Jayne has a nice bum

I love jayne and don't no why.
by Thegirlwelove October 29, 2013
A girl proficient in the art of "cock blocking". A Jayne will constantly follow and thrive off her one and only friend. If any interested male party attempts to hit on or even talk to this friend, the Jayne will immediately go on the defense. With a constant stare, the Jayne will then make it virtually impossible to interact with the girl you are attempting to talk to.
Friend : "Hey bro did you talk to that girl last night?"

You: "Na man, I didn't get a chance to. Her friend kept staying there third wheeling like crazy!

Friend: "Shit bro, looks like you've got a Jayne on your hands!"
by reiter911 April 11, 2013
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