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A combination of gut and cunt, something Mike & Kyle will always be known for. Veronica.
Mike fucked Veronicas gunt while Kyle watched. Sweet!
by brendentylercolbyhategunt November 30, 2009
Folds of fat on the front lower abdomen of a obese woman which resembles the beginnings of the female genitals.
That bitch is so fat I bet there's Twinkies in her gunt!
by willdabeast831 February 18, 2009
a gunt is a terminology used for when your "gut" hangs over your "cunt"

That woman has a rather large gunt

by tom and neave June 19, 2008
When a womans gut pushes out above her cunt.
She's so fat,she has a gunt!
by mike 123 April 29, 2008
- To lift the gut up of a fat women, to get to the vagina
"That bird last night had a right hanging Gunt on her!"
by ShArKy and TaFF January 22, 2008
The large, blubbery mound found between a fat womans naval and genitals. A combination of the words gut and cunt.
"Jesus! Have you seen the gunt on that fat bird!?"
by Matt Shinn September 24, 2007
The gunt can only be found on women!

It is the mound of fat which bulges out inbetween their stomachs and their private parts.

Not quite their gut, nore quite thier c**t....

Look at the sate of that birds gunt! You could hold a children's bouncy castle part on that!
by Terry Kemp September 12, 2007