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it's a gut on the cunt.
omg, check the fucking gunt on that chick!
by Dr. Knowledge July 08, 2007
1 2
when a fat woman's belly and front-bottom merge hence
: gu-nt
"look at that lard arse mare's gunt in those grubby white track bottoms"
by steven rainbow May 18, 2007
3 4
A deposit of fatty tissue above the pubic area in generous sized women.
Maria has quite a gunt on her!
by Craven Moorehead February 23, 2006
12 13
The rancid, vile, draping flap of fat that hangs below a fat womans gut, and over her cunt. Often a place to find the missing TV remote control and a couple run away funyons.
That womans gunt smells like feta cheese.
by john Ph November 15, 2005
16 17
The area between a woman's belly button and vagina. This area usually is a fat deposit that sticks out. A merge of "gut" and "cunt."
She has a huge gunt.
by Erik August 06, 2003
14 15
A fat women's mons pubis
she had eaten so many cakes she had to support her own gunt
by rossantony June 12, 2011
0 2
gash hunt.

when one is on a massive night out looking for some women for sandwich - blozzer combos. the "hunt" is shortened to Gunt.
RGS lads. on the gunt.
by Ed F October 20, 2010
0 2