The rancid, vile, draping flap of fat that hangs below a fat womans gut, and over her cunt. Often a place to find the missing TV remote control and a couple run away funyons.
That womans gunt smells like feta cheese.
by john Ph November 15, 2005
The area between a woman's belly button and vagina. This area usually is a fat deposit that sticks out. A merge of "gut" and "cunt."
She has a huge gunt.
by Erik August 06, 2003
A woman's stomach that sticks out and ends in her genital area rather than being a roll of fat.
Cor, look at that bird's gunt!
by TILF2 November 24, 2011
A fat women's mons pubis
she had eaten so many cakes she had to support her own gunt
by rossantony June 12, 2011
Area in between a women's gut and her cunt, usually begins to protrude at the age of thirty seven. A cheesy fungal odor may be apparent coming from the underside crease of the gunt itself. This scent is not to be mistaken with the odor of the crotch.
Look at that ladies big gunt hanging down to her knees.
by Herman Wenkins January 06, 2011
gash hunt.

when one is on a massive night out looking for some women for sandwich - blozzer combos. the "hunt" is shortened to Gunt.
RGS lads. on the gunt.
by Ed F October 20, 2010
when a woman has a roll of fat that hangs so low it blends in with the top of her vagoo.
women in marks & spencers food bit in paddington station with a gunt
by bumberclut August 13, 2010

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