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3 definitions by 20

An aspiring producer, and moderator at whnz. Also known as the Hatorator for his fondness of hating on stupid people.
1. 20 Dolla Ill is the illest producer in the game.

2. 20 Dolla Ill owned that dumbass poster.
by 20 March 17, 2005
3 4
A total dickface who sucks a lot of asshole in his sparetime. He has been recently spotted sucking the chode of a cumdumpster named Felorin.
You're a fag, Curt. (Curt being Crucified.
by 20 August 17, 2004
12 25
When an older woman pops out a few kids and she has a pretruding gut above her feminine regions. Also known as a grandma cunt or gut cunt.
Ms. Mikaluaskas turned to look at me and her gunt poked me in the eye.
by 20 April 27, 2004
5 23