The dreaded gut-cunt. Usually hanging out from beneath a belly-shirt on a girl who has no right wearing one.
Hey, let's play "Spot the Gunt" here at Molly Magees.

We decided to leave when in came a whole girdle of gunts.

That girl has a pretty face, but it looks like she might benefit from an interguntion.
by Matt January 19, 2004
The flappy flabby area of skin around the belly..where a woman has had kids, and can't be arsed to sort it out.
Gunt, A woman who has dropped her knickers too much, and had kids.
by jimmer36 February 22, 2011
Used to purvey displeasure at frustrating programming tasks derived from the crippling female venereal disease known as GUI-cunt.
Check out that bird's smelly gunt.

This piece of software has a poorly though out GUI, cunt!
by fullpower August 05, 2010
the sack of fat on women found between the gut and cunt. normally visable in tight jeans or track pants.
look at that womans gunt
thats one fat gunt over there
by reece miles December 29, 2009
A combination of gut and cunt, something Mike & Kyle will always be known for. Veronica.
Mike fucked Veronicas gunt while Kyle watched. Sweet!
by brendentylercolbyhategunt November 30, 2009
When a woman's stomach hangs over her cunt.
I had a hard time having sex with her because her gunt was in the way.
by yayayacht September 23, 2009
Folds of fat on the front lower abdomen of a obese woman which resembles the beginnings of the female genitals.
That bitch is so fat I bet there's Twinkies in her gunt!
by willdabeast831 February 18, 2009
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