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When part of the anatomy, often the stomach but not in every situation, hangs over the genitalia and vaginal area. Ginger people are most likely to be the target off this insult as results already clearly indicate they are the most "Guntish". Often used as a term of slang to describe the gut hanging over the c**t...
Oh My God geezer!, look at that big ass ginger Gunt over there!!!
:O did you just say the C-Word?
no, Gunt mate, its....(refer to description above)
by Abdul Jahbar January 23, 2008
a roll of fat (on a woman) between the gut and the cunt. this roll usually hides the vagina and sometimes needs to be lifted and moved out of the way in order to have sexual intercourse. the gunt is sometimes referred to as the "peter belly" by african americans.
bill : " man, that ho's gunt was so big that i couldn't even hit that shit, i had to just roll her over and hit that anus instead.
by 0099009976 January 19, 2008
Where the cunt and the gut merge. Making a Fatty Upper Pussy Area (FUPA). Puku is another term originating in New Zealand, refering to the same fatty area.
Your tight belly button riding old lady jeans inhance your gunt.
by Cadice January 26, 2006
(noun) A slang term for the area above the vagina where the woman's camel toe is an extension of her stomach fat.
Dude, did you see the gunt on that chick? That's gross, she shouldn't wear tight clothes.
by FNP January 17, 2006
A woman's stomach that sticks out and ends in her genital area rather than being a roll of fat.
Cor, look at that bird's gunt!
by TILF2 November 24, 2011
Area in between a women's gut and her cunt, usually begins to protrude at the age of thirty seven. A cheesy fungal odor may be apparent coming from the underside crease of the gunt itself. This scent is not to be mistaken with the odor of the crotch.
Look at that ladies big gunt hanging down to her knees.
by Herman Wenkins January 06, 2011
the sack of fat on women found between the gut and cunt. normally visable in tight jeans or track pants.
look at that womans gunt
thats one fat gunt over there
by reece miles December 29, 2009